Sescom 2030.
Wise Futurist

Sescom’s goal is to become the first-choice supplier of Technical Facility Management services for international retail chains in key European countries.

Sescom SA is a company listed on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2018, providing technical Facility Management services in 24 European countries. It uses and integrates its own and external technologies as well as standardized technical solutions for managing fixed assets and technical infrastructure of distributed facilities. Thanks to over 14 years of experience, Sescom guarantees its customers (from such sectors as, among others, retail, logistics and real estate) technical efficiency at all stages of their facilities’ life cycle. We prepare our customers for the challenges of the future while also solving the most current challenges in their day-to-day operations. Our FM activities are supplemented by projects related to hydrogen technologies. We constantly update the management model and the value we offer to more than 60 international customers and more than 40,000 facilities across Europe.

In response to the challenges of the business environment, we have prepared an update of our 10-year business strategy “Wise Futurist 2030” and want to draw attention to the need to maintain wise and dynamic development through careful observation of the market and quick response to the economic challenges of the future. At the same time, Sescom maintains that in the FM services segment, it will achieve a “cleaned” EBITDA profitability of PLN 35 million by 2025. By 2030, we intend to double the number of international customers and connect 10,000 companies in a global technical and technological ecosystem that provides constantly updated value on the Facility Management market.

As part of the Wise Futurist 2030 Strategy update, Sescom presents a new strategic goal: to become the first-choice TFM (Technical Facility Management) supplier for international retail chains in key European countries by 2030.

The attitude of the Wise Futurist remains a strategic direction for us. We keep our feet firmly on the ground, look into the future and analyze it thoroughly, while remaining open to changes and challenges that we are not afraid to face. Sescom sees emerging innovations as opportunities for development and optimization of activities for business partners. We care about business security using our knowledge, experience and thorough analysis of socio-economic and technological trends.

When creating the original strategy, we planned to update it. Some of the strategic assumptions are still valid, but the changing social, geopolitical and economic situation has gained exceptional momentum since 2020 and prompted us to update the strategy. Economic crises, pandemics, military operations in Ukraine – these are just some of the phenomena that have had and will have an impact on the strategic assumptions for the Sescom Group. The “Wise Futurist 2030” strategy must increase the Sescom Group’s ability to adapt to dynamic and unpredictable changes in the environment. One of the main strategic guidelines is to strive to increase the security of Sescom’s business. We want to achieve this, e.g., through geographical diversification of revenue sources – with an emphasis on Western Europe as a stable geopolitical area.

Slawomir Halbryt
CEO at Sescom

The target image of the company and its model of operation put human beings and their individual needs in the centre of our attention. This applies both to our employees and to the people who use our services. The vision of the company in the future is that of a global technical and technological ecosystem – understood as a network of connections and relationships between people. 


Knowledge and experience

People and relationships

Security, trust, transparency

Sustainable development

Efficiency and optimization

Openness to changes


Future, trends, big picture

Innovations, new technologies

Hydrogen technologies

Progress, development, scalability

Winner’s position

Financial success

Sescom's offer

Technical Facility Management

comprehensive technical FM

implementations, installations, HVAC services

cooperation with the technical ecosystem

Technological Facility Management

energy efficiency, reduction of electricity consumption and costs

technical maintenance and implementation projects of IT infrastructure – asset management of distributed items using IoT, RFID technologies and our own software

cooperation with the technological ecosystem

Construction – Interior Construction & Fit‑out

investment projects, fit-outs and renovations

store closures and openings

commercial space equipment

Capital for the future

Sescom is constantly building capital for future development. The results we have achieved ensure business security and are the basis for the implementation of our development strategy until 2030. Investments in new technologies and in the team ensure further expansion through acquisitions. All investments will be carried out with own funds, without additional shares being issued, with the use of loans and subsidies.

Transformation and development

Safe and constant development on existing markets.

Dynamic expansion in the largest countries of Western Europe, where the company has had a minimal market share so far.

Using innovation to improve customer performance and Sescom’s cost structure.

Development prospects

The European FM market will grow at CAGR = 3.84% annually. The number of headquarters of RETAIL companies in Europe by country justifies the assumptions of Sescom’s development strategy in Western European countries.


Source: Mordor Intelligence. Europe Facility Management Market 2021-2026


Source: Sescom Marketing Team's own analysis

What will we achieve by 2030?

Structure flexibility and global business scalability

Security, range and quality

Using market changes for development

Business diversification and increasing efficiency

High position on the global FM market

Customised, comprehensive offer, value instead of man-hours, anticipation instead of reactivity



Marta Dworak

Investor Relations

Marek Tymecki


Marcin Pazdziorko